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Posted by: Juterque | 23/11/2018


I want to die, end of discussion. Any recommendations for suicide? I'd rather it be painless, but I don't know how, I have tried cutting, and I do have treatment with a therapist and doctor, but I want to be finished. I am too young to buy a gun, otherwise, I'd do that and that would solve all my problems. Anyway, I am tired of fighting, so, with that in mind, what is the best way to kill myself?


Posted 26/11/2018

Hello Juterque.
Did you really think that any responsible doctor would just give you a recipe book for how to kill yourself ?  What sort of people do you think we are ? You say you are seeing a doctor and a therapist,  which would be wise : but are you honestly giving them a fair change to really help you properly ?  Have you told them frankly how much you want to kill yourself ?  If not, why not ?
And what makes you so sure that self-harm would actually solve any of your problems ?  Apart from the fact that it would cause significant problems for others. 
Also, what makes you think of yourself as so useless as to deserve to just be discarded, rather than seriously seizing on real chances to make your life something valuable and satisfying ?
And do remember, in my many years of working with suicidal people, I have learned some important things.  One is that no method is foolproof, and often people end up surviving with every problem they ever had still needing to be put right, but with additional problems caused by the attempted self-harm.  Another fact is that no-matter how hopeless things might appear to you, at this stage, I have never come across anyone for whom this was true. Depression cheats, and warps your viewpoint, and creates this impression.
From time to time, online, I hear from people who were even more certain that you were, but who agreed to give themselves a fair chance, and have now spent decade living a good and productive life, good for themselves and others, and are very satisfied that they took care to survive the storm

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