Routine antibiotics do not belong on your braai. These do.

It all starts with quality meat – think free-range meat raised without routine antibiotics. Next, think about which cuts will fare best on flames and high heat. And finally, which cuts will let that smoky braai flavour really shine. Then take it to the next level with the right marinade. Try these:

Lamb ribbetjies: A high fat-to-meat ratio makes these supremely tasty and all that marbling means extra crispy bits. Make sure you cook them properly as no one likes a chewy piece of undercooked gristle. Lamb’s flavour match? A green herb marinade with coriander and garlic.

Skinless chicken thighs: These are your best choice for home-made skewers as they are more succulent and won’t dry out on the heat. For best results, grill these slowly away from direct heat. If you’re cooking from scratch, debone them (or buy the skinless boneless packs) and marinade in yoghurt spiked with tandoori spices.

Sirloin steak: It’s a no-brainer. A perfectly braaied steak with a mustard-peppercorn crust is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Braai sirloin fat-side down for a few minutes to make sure it crisps up.

Green herb marinade

fresh chives, 5g chopped

fresh basil, 10g chopped

fresh parsley, 10g chopped

coriander seeds, 1 t

pink Himalayan salt, 1/2 t

olive oil, 4 T 

Spiced yoghurt marinade

double-thick Greek yoghurt, 1 cup

Woolworths medium curry powder, 1 T

half a charred lemon, juiced

smoked sea salt, 1/2 t

red onion, 1/2 finely diced

olive oil, 2 T

Mustard and black peppercorn crust

Dijon mustard, 3T

freshly ground black pepper, 2T

fresh flat leaf Italian parsley, 5g

olive oil, to drizzle

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