WATCH: Bodybuilder sees colour for the very first time after being colour blind for 66 years

Imagine not being able to see the colours of trees, flowers and balloons – a horrible reality, isn't it?

Well, that’s what one man had to go through for 66 years after being born colour blind. But his caring family decided to surprise him with the ultimate life-changing birthday gift!

A heartwarming video shows the emotional moment William Reed is given a pair of sunglasses for his 66th birthday which allowed him to see colour for the very first time.

The five-minute long footage, which has gone viral, was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday 12 September and has been viewed more than 800 000 times.

The amazing video starts off with William’s family singing Happy Birthday to him – while he stands on his wooden porch.

The bodybuilder, from New York, US, then proceeds to unwrap the gift that was placed right beside him by his family.  

After taking a few minutes to open the box, inside a box; William sees a pair of sunglasses and can be heard sarcastically asking: ‘What is this?”

His family members then quickly tell him to put on the shades – and when he does, his reaction is absolutely priceless.

The bodybuilder stands in awe, with his hands clenched together, the moment he realises he’s able to see everything in colour.

“You can see with our eyes now, baby,” his wife, Pam Reed, can be heard saying in the video.

An emotional William tears up and put’s his hands on his mouth, and then excitedly shakes them up and down.

“He has a very hard tough outer shell so for him to break down and cry and get emotional, was pretty emotional to me and my girls,” Pam told Irish News.

At the end of the video, the bodybuilder seems to be pretty infatuated with the colour of the trees, and his ecstatic wife quickly runs to give him a huge hug and kiss. 

According to Mirror News, the 66-year-old’s family all pitched in to buy him Enchroma glasses which cost them more than R4000.