Types of sore throat

The type of pain or discomfort you experience with a sore throat is dependent on the cause.

Some of the types of sore throat include:

Usually with viral pharyngitis you will experience a gradual onset of discomfort and pain when swallowing. When associated with flu, the symptoms usually go away after a day or so. 

With a bacterial infection, like in the case of a strep throat, the sore throat is usually more severe and associated with fever.  It does not clear as quickly as with a viral infection. Difficulty swallowing is usually profound. Most people note that the onset of symptoms is sudden.

In the case of foreign body, the pain and discomfort is usually acute and specific (like in the case of swallowing a fish bone). The pain can range from mild and irritating to severe and extremely uncomfortable.

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With a post nasal drip a sensation of mucus draining down the throat is common. The person typically has an urge to swallow. The mucus can cause irritation and a sore throat is common.

In the case of candida infections (common in HIV infected patients) swallowing can be extremely difficult and painful. In some cases it can be so severe that the person can hardly eat.

Due to the vast list of possible causes it is not possible to describe every single type of sore throat. What is important is that if you experience a persistent sore throat, you struggle to drink or eat or have difficulty breathing, you should urgently consult with your doctor.

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