Tooth erosion

There are many acidic foods and drinks in our diet and it is possible that in a susceptible individual in certain circumstances, for example, a higher frequency of exposure to acidic foods and/or drinks, erosion may occur.

This increased frequency of exposure may override the natural buffering capacity of the mouth, which varies between individuals.

It is advised to avoid frequent nibbling and sipping of acidic foods and drinks throughout the day, restricting their consumption preferably to main meals, and to clean teeth at least twice per day using fluoride toothpaste.

It has been suggested that cleaning teeth immediately after consuming an acidic food or drink should be avoided as this can result in physical wear to the teeth resulting from tooth brushing in the presence of acid.

Chewing sugar free chewing gum to stimulate salivary secretion following an acid challenge helps neutralize the acid effects.

Source: The European Food Information Council (

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