Am I nearing menopause?
Are you 40 or older?

If you are younger than 50, have your ovaries been surgically removed? (If you are older than 50, answer 'No' to this question)

Have you noticed any changes in the length of your menstrual cycle?

Have you noticed any other changes in your menstrual cycle (eg. heavier or lighter periods)?

Have you noticed worsening premenstrual syndrome (PMS)?

Have you had any hot flushes?

Have you noticed any insomnia (difficulty getting to sleep/staying asleep)?

Have you felt depressed or 'down' more often than you used to?

Do you have difficulty concentrating?

Are you more irritable than usual?

Do you find that you are not as interested in sex, or has your partner commented that you seem less interested in sex?

Do you have discomfort during intercourse, or have you noticed vaginal dryness?

Have you had problems with urinary incontinence (leaking of urine)?

Have you had more headaches lately?

Have you experienced palpitations (fluttering sensation of the heart)?

Do you ever feel as if your skin is 'crawling'?

Does your skin seem drier, oiler, and/or more acne-prone than usual?

Do you somehow just 'sense' that your body is somehow changing?

Did your mother or other close relative have an early menopause?