Symptoms of hearing loss

The symptoms of hearing deficiency are so varied that no one symptom would be interpreted as indicating the possibility of a loss, but if a child exhibited a number of such symptoms he should be tested. Some of the symptoms are:

  • frequent earaches and complaints of ear difficulties
  • frequent colds with ear discharge
  • lack of attention to casual conversation
  • late to start talking
  • verbal directions ignored consistently
  • tendency to be withdrawn and lack of desire to be involved in social activities
  • difficulty in articulating certain speech sounds
  • frequent confusion as to what has been said
  • constant visual scanning of the speakers’ face
  • consistently turning the head to one side when paying attention to for example a teacher
  • reading disability
  • spelling errors
  • difficulty in taking dictation
  • indifference to music
  • daydreaming

Remember, waiting for these signs is waiting until it is much too late.

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Image: Hearing loss from Shutterstock


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