WATCH: Twig removed from young boy's ear by 'The Wax Whisperer'

If you love Dr Pimple Popper, you'll love The Wax Whisperer. Mr Neel Raithatha is a a UK qualified audiologist, HCPC hearing aid dispenser and cerumenologist (ear care specialist).

He is also the director of The Hear Clinic and Clearwax. He is known for his ear wax removal videos and removing foreign objects from the ear. In this video, he is seen removing a twig from a three-year-old boy's ear. 

Mr Raithatha said that he's never seen anything like it before – and he's seen many different foreign objects stuck in people's ears.

The boy's mother rushed him to the specialist's clinic after he had pushed a twig into his ear. It was 5mm long and could easily have caused damage to the ear. When asked about the cause, Mr Raithatha said, "The twig measured 0.5cm and was very close to the eardrum. It was the first time I removed a twig out of someone's ear and I was quite shocked." He added that the mother was relieved and extremely grateful that the twig was removed safely.

After contacting the clinic, the  mother brought her son along and Mr Raithatha located the twig with an endoscope. Keeping the patient's head still, he was able to extract the twig in record time using ear suction. 

Mr Raithatha has also uploaded videos where he removes other foreign objects such as pen caps and earrings from ears. Items like twigs or pen caps can puncture the eardrum and lead to bleeding or hearing loss. "Fortunately, there was no trauma or injury caused by the twig, which had a sharp pointed tip, to either the young boy's ear canal or eardrum. 

"I have previously removed a tooth comb, pen cap, earbud, earring, 22 hearing aid wax filters, a plastic clothes tag, unidentified plastic objects as well as several cotton buds from ear canals," he said. 

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