Come again? Hearing aids are hip

For many people, hearing aids symbolise old age and decades of deteriorating hearing, but new technology is allowing these stereotypes to be broken.

In the past, hearing aids were highly visible because they were big and cumbersome, but technology has improved the size, functionality and appearance of hearing aids.

In fact, there are now hearing aids which fit completely into your ear and are, for the most part, invisible as the devices are only about the size of a large bead.

Hearing aids aren't as old fashioned as once belie

Paul Crusius, co-founder of Audibene, points out that only about 20% of people with hearing problems actually wear hearing aids.

It is an established fact that many older people need hearing aids because their hearing has deteriorated over the years, but not everyone knows that there are many younger people who need these devices as well. 

Modern technology has progressed to such a degree that people are able to control their hearing aids with an app on their smartphones, and some even allow users to listen to music through their devices.

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