Hearing aid sound you could only dream of

Widex South Africa is proud to present the absolute latest in hearing aid technology, the Widex Dream family of hearing aids.

Dream sets nothing less than a new standard in hearing aid performance. Using what we call True-Input Technology, Widex Dream dramatically increases the input range and maintains the fidelity of all sounds entering the hearing aid.

This results in a better sound picture. Users of Dream will have an incredibly rich and detailed sound – even in noisy environments such as concerts or sports events.

This unique technology also significantly improves speech intelligibility for Dream users, particularly in noisy environments. Advanced integrated signal processing provides a distortion free sound quality so that users can enjoy all sounds in all listening situations.

Sounds stay the same

According to Project Manager Majken Hegeland from Widex in Denmark, “Dream takes sound input to new levels, letting in sound as it is, without changing the nature or quality of the sound.” She adds that because all the details of the real sound are taken up by the hearing aid the end result is optimised and as close to natural sound.

The launch of Widex Dream coincides with a new way to help hearing aid users in a very personal way. Exclusive to Widex, the free site called MY.WIDEX.COM will provide users and their families all the relevant information to their specific type of hearing instrument and hearing loss.

Widex Dream is now available in South Africa. Mr Nagin the local Managing Director of Widex South Africa is available for telephonic and personal interviews for more information.

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