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Posted by: Charlotte Horn | 27/03/2019

Pulsatile Tinnitus caused by Jugular Bulb

Dear Minette, in 2018 a ct scan confirmed a left jugular diverticular bulb as the cause of my pulsatile tinnitus, the position of the jugular bulb does not allow for any intervention as any attempt may cause a stroke, I had grommet procedure done in Dec 2018 to see if any relief but now it actually is worse, I suffer with headaches and earache almost daily. My ENT advised that there is nothing to be done for me - what now, this pulsating in my ear and left side of my head is affecting my hearing, sound comes to 'waves' and makes me anxious, it is a non stop beat of of my heart and pulse......don't know if I am going to be able to cope with this for the rest of my days, I am 56. Any advice?


Posted 01/04/2019

Dear Charlotte,

I would recommend starting with a visit to an Audiologist (if you have not already done so). They will assess your hearing, and the extent to which your hearing has been affected. Once medical intervention has been ruled out (e.g ENT intervention) to relieve the tinnitus, the next suggestion would be to try hearing aids/a hearing aid on the side where the tinnitus is occurring. If there is a hearing loss present, wearing a hearing aid on the affected ear should already reduce your perception of the tinnitus while you are wearing the hearing aid. Most hearing aids also have features which help mask the sound of the tinnitus (e.g. the hearing aid can play white noise into your ear to lessen your perception of the tinnitus). Alternatively, you may want to try introducing sounds into your environment which "distract"your ears from focusing on the tinnitus, especially when you are in quiet environments. These sounds may included music playing softly, fan/air conditioner noise, a white noise machine etc. 

I would also recommend perhaps seeking a second opinion if it would make you feel more at ease.

Kind regards
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Posted: 30/04/2019

Dear Minette, Thank you very much for responding, yes I did undergo a full audiology test and hearing aid was first recommended and then ruled out, but now I cannot find the report and cannot remember the sorry. I spoke to a psychologist who suggested white noise therapy but I have yet to try that as I have a very stresfull job and have little time to attend to all of the above. Maybe a 2nd opinion won't do any harm as I do not understand why I have ear and headache from my pulsatile tinnitus. The pulsating is so annoying but I will consider all avenues and wish to thank you again for your recommendations and advice. Warm regards Charlotte

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