Assess your risk for HIV/Aids (General)
Do you practise any of the following sexual acts with somebody whose HIV status you are guessing as to be HIV-negative?

Do you abstain from sex?

Do you practice oral sex on a man...

Do you practice oral sex on a woman...

Do you perform or receive oral-anal sex...

Do you have contact with urine - "golden showers" or "water sports" - on unbroken skin from somebody with an HIV-status unknown to you.

Do you perform or receive vaginal penetration...

Do you receive anal penetrative sex...

Do you share uncovered sex toys?

Do you come in contact with your lover's menstrual blood?

How many sex partners did you have the past five years?

Do you know for certain that your sex partner (either your life partner or your current boyfriend/girlfriend) is HIV-negative?

Do you use intravenous drugs?

Do you have tuberculosis?

Do you eat at least 3 fruits and vegetables per day, and three portions of meat per week?