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Posted by: Alison | 19/11/2018

Codine is treating my anxiety and depression with no negative side-effects

I recently sustained a light injury and was prescribed stilpane tablets that contain codine. The pain was not severe enough to warrant taking them really, but I popped two tablets one evening just for the heck of it anyway. I have been suffering severe anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. A couple of hours after taking these pills I noticed (1) I no-longer had that tight/worried feeling in my chest. (2) I felt much more positive and optimistic about my life and future (3) it was easy and pleasurable speaking to friends. I have taken 4 of these tablets since then for the last 6 days. I have experienced no negative side-effects yet. I have started taking pleasure in things I used to love again like reading, writing, music, socialising, cooking etc. I notice beauty more and I am not constantly bought low by invasive, negative thoughts. I genuinely feel inspired (and able) to take active control over my life, finances and relationships (and have even taken some concrete steps to improving my life!). My sleep patterns have normalised and I wake up easier (and with more vigor) each morning. I just am enjoying life again - you know. I want to cry saying that, because it has been so long and I know this is not sustainable. It is breaking my heart that I will have to go back to my slow-drown again now that I tasted freedom and I am honestly considering becoming a low-use addict for the rest of my life if it can keep my depression and anxiety at bay. Is there any way I can sustain - or prolong - the effects of these pills without building up a tolerance? Smaller doses less frequently perhaps?…. Is there any other medication that gives these effects without the inevitable loss of efficacy? I don't have medical aid.


Posted 19/11/2018

Hello Alison.
What an interesting question. I don't believe that Stlpayne is the cause of the excellent responses you describe, nor that what you have noticed is usefully caused by Codeine or other ingredients in that drug.  Do discuss this carefully with your doctor.
Stillpane has several ingredients, some of them banned in other countries.  One is Codeine, which is closely related to Morphine and can cause serious addiction problems ; another is Meprobamate a really old drug once used for anxiety but also with addiction problems, and which were replaced by Benzo's like Valium.
Neither has any antidepressant effects ; depending on your  personal drug metabolism, either might provide a mild degree of anxiety relief.   It also contain caffeine ( though I'd rather have a nice cup of coffee )  and the common pain-killed Paracetamol.  
Ironically,  there is some recent evidence that paracetamol may have mild effect in relieving emotional pain, too.
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Posted: 19/11/2018

Thank you very much for your response. I will read up on what you mentioned. The effects just seem so drastic to me - and since I was in no way expecting it,I doubt it was due to a placebo effect. Anyway. I have a lot to think about - and you can be sure I will be upping my caffeine intake (sightly) now too! haha. Thank you again

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