Rapper admits to taking 90 codeine pills a day!

Multi-platinum hip-hop artist Matthew Colwell, better known as 360, unexpectedly pulled out of a tour because he overdosed on pain medication.

The Melbourne-based rapper explained on his Facebook page to fans why he pulled out of the last 13 shows of his tour last January.

He releases a confessional song titled "I'm Sorry" where he opens up about his addiction to codeine and his overdose.

360 admitted that no one knew about his addiction which he described as stupid, adding that he would take ninety pills of Nurofen Plus daily. "[T]hat's the thing with the codeine addiction; it's over the counter so you don't need prescriptions," he sings.

"I was a zombie, I couldn't feel nothing. I smashed four packets because I just wanted to feel something."

360 pointed out that his addiction was easy to develop due to the easy availability of codeine-based drugs.

Listen to the full song

There have been worldwide calls for codeine-based products to be sold with a prescription only.

Australia is one of the countries that allows the sale of over-the-counter codeine products.

Indian authorities have recently banned codeine cough syrups. Codeine is also found in a range of medications, including Myprodol and Mybulen, Benylin C, Syndol, AdcoDol, Tensodol, Sinutab C, and Sinumax Co, amongst other products.


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