Cancer - are you at risk?
Is there a family history of cancer in the family?

Do you smoke?

What is your weight status? Body Mass Index = weight/ (height x height)

How often do you exercise (30 minutes or more of moderate exercise)?

How often do you eat any form of animal meat?

How often do you fry food in oil (any oil)?

How many fruit and vegetable servings do you eat daily?

What do you usually spread on your bread?

Which type of milk do you usually drink?

How often do you eat out (including take-aways)?

How many alcoholic drinks do you consume?

Which bread products do you prefer?

How often do you eat the following smoked foods: ham, bacon, sausages?

How often do you eat char-grilled or 'braai'-meat?

Do you have a stressful lifestyle?

How often do you go for a medical check-up (gynaecological or urological once sexually mature)?

Are you excessively exposed to pollutants (eg. in your line of work or in the air)?