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Posted by: Cam | 18/01/2020

Painful swollen neck lymph nodes and head pressure and tremors

Hi. I've had painful/swollen neck, jaw, and ear lymph nodes for as long as I can remember (I'm now 30 years old). I used to get biopsies when I was a teen, but they just always said, "Come back in 6 months, they're not cancerous right now". I stopped going when I was about 20, but now I think I've waited too long. Long story short, for the past 1-2 years my neck lymph nodes have become very painful and when I touch them they feel like lightning strikes all throughout my neck and head. My head is what concerns me the most. I can live with painful neck lymph nodes, but I just can't handle the pressure in my head much longer. It feels like someone is squeezing my brain 24/7, and that I don't have enough blood/oxygen getting to my brain. (I've been having tremors often, which are terrifying.) I can't even stick a cotton swab in my left ear now. Every single day I feel hungover, with sharp stabbing pains throughout my brain when I move my neck. I'm scared and uninsured. I was just wondering if anybody might have any idea what these symptoms could be coming from? I was thinking lymphoma or brain cancer, but the head pressure, lightning strikes, tremors, and painful inner ear are symptoms that I can't find a common link for... Thank you all very much for your time.


Posted 22/01/2020


Dear Cam

I can understand your concern. One should not neglect one’s health with continued signs of any “abnormality” or change in one’s body. Swollen lymph glands is usually an indication of an infection or inflammations somewhere in the body. In your case with swollen/painful lymph glands in the neck, below the jaw and ear, it may indicate some infection of the ears, nose, throat or sinuses. You did mention that you do not have any medical insurance, however, it is suggested that you go to your local primary health clinic and request them to refer you to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) Specialist. (MCH).

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