Is your asthma under control?
When I'm busy around the house completing simple chores, I cough and struggle to breathe.

I don't enjoy exercising as I always end up coughing a lot and I can't catch my breath.

When I walk up stairs or do hard manual work in the garden, I cough frequently and find it difficult to breathe.

I never seem to have an uninterrupted night's sleep as my frequent coughing often wakes me up.

I struggle to take a deep breath. If I try, I end up coughing.

At times my chest feels tight and I wheeze.

I cough a lot.

My asthma gets worse at particular times of the year, especially when the pollen count is high.

My symptoms get worse when I'm near somebody who smokes or wears strong perfume.

I struggle to breathe and feel my chest closing up when I pick up a cat or stroke the neighbour's dog.

My asthma is definitely worse during a cold snap

I use my inhaler device often. Sometimes I wonder if I'm using it too much.

My medication doesn't seem to be controlling my asthma.

I don't like the side effects of my medication.

Asthma seems to control my life. I don't control it.

I get upset when I think about how much I'm missing out on. Having asthma stops me from doing a lot of the activities I would like to do.

I've had to rush to the emergency unit more than once this year because I've struggled to breathe.

During this last year I've been hospitalised overnight due to asthma or breathing difficulties.