WATCH | Behind the scenes: How spore traps in SA are used to determine the pollen count

South Africa's pollen counts are on the rise, which means allergies are worsening every year. In fact, people who don’t normally get hay fever may now be affected, Health24 reported in a previous article.

But how exactly is pollen identified and counted in the research laboratory of the University of Cape Town’s Lung Institute? Health24 went behind the scenes to check out one of the spore traps located in Cape Town, and chatted to aerobiologist, Dr Dilys Berman, who has been monitoring pollen and fungal spores in the air since 1984.  

As the pollen problem worsens, precise and expanded monitoring becomes even more important. Here's how you can help.

As we're experiencing the highest recorded pollen counts in history, Health24 will bring you exclusive pollen count updates, courtesy of the UCT Lung Institute's Allergy and Immunology Unit.