Why monitor pollen and what can we do to help?

Pollen levels globally are skyrocketing, which is bad news for the 17 million South Africans suffering from hay fever and asthma. 

This year has seen some of the highest recorded pollen counts in history, with countries across the globe covered in clouds of pollen!

The main culprit? Global warming.

As we spew out more pollution, the earth’s temperature continues to rise and it’s having a major impact on pollen production. To sum it up, carbon dioxide (CO2) is like miracle fertiliser for pollen!

Scientists from the UCT Lung Institute are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of pollen monitoring in South Africa and are calling on the public to assist.  

What can you do to help?

Donate R50 or more to help the UCT Lung Institute expand its pollen monitoring programme.

Your donation will enable scientists to better understand how pollen is evolving and how to best treat those that suffer from nasal allergies and asthma, now and in the future. 

Help us reach R150 000 to get another pollen spore trap up and running!