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Posted by: hasib | 10/10/2020

I have an streptococci bacteria

Hi all! God Bless everyone, I am in so much pain right now. I have streptococci bacteria group A and I went to the doctor. He advised me to inject penicillin and I did, but it was not suitable for me as I was facing severe side reactions. And then he advised for Erythromycin but he said it is not suitable as well so no antibiotics are best for me. Right now, I have swelling all over the body with rashes, I am in so much pain and don't know the outcomes of it what to do, is it severe or in the last stage of streptococci. Is there anyone help me out, May God bless all of you and recover all the patients soon!


Posted 18/10/2020

One would presume that if you have a confirmed Streptococcus group A infection, a swab and sensitivity has come back showing Penicillin sensitivity.  Other antibiotic options such as Erythromycin and Azithromycin should also have been explored.  You don't mention if the Sreptococcus infection is a throat infection, skin infection like impetigo, glomerulonephritis or Rheumatic fever, so it's difficult to offer advice on treatment


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