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Posted by: Pricila | 22/09/2020

Could I be allergic to the smell of coffee?

Could I be allergic to the smell of coffee? and my other question is why do get numb? Well I'm allergic to caffeine and even if I don't drink it anymore sometimes when the coffee around me smells to strong I get numb from the throat and mouth. But even if I don't drink anything with caffeine anymore I get numb at least twice or 3 times a day everyday from my mouth area and throat, and my left arm or chest and also my head sometimes rarely the time feels numb or weird I don't know how to explain it.


Posted 18/10/2020

Numbness after food or drinks is not a common sign of allergy. You can have an allergy to cocoa bean, but usual reactions would include itching, swelling and rhinitis. Caffeine a chemical found in coffee can cause palpitations and agitation and exacerbate panic attacks with facial and limb numbness. If you exhibit ongoing facial and upper body numbness, you should see a Neurologist to exclude a nerve disorder such as Multiple Sclerosis or a trapped nerve in the neck.


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