Symptoms of ADHD


Johan Kotze 2014/03/18 06:46:39 PM
Please don't fall for big pharma desception. Read the inserts and pay attention to the side effects! Totally destructive.
AnthonyZA 2014/03/18 08:15:31 PM
The "inventor" of ADHD said on his deathbed that it was a myth and didn't exist, bad parenting is the cause not some mythical "chemical imbalance" which neuroscience recently called a lie too.
Lojik Alfinkre 2014/03/18 08:36:13 PM
"adolescents with ADHD are at increased risk for very early cigarette use, which is likely to be followed by alcohol and drug abuse " ...because they a made addicts early - Ritalin is almost exactly the same as Cocaine, just released slower when taken orally. Sniffing a crushed Ritalin gives exactly same high as sniffing Cocaine. Google it.
Belinda Gentle 2014/03/19 09:31:11 AM
This article is DESTRUCTIVE and UNTRUTHFUL - you are peddling drugs to kids via their parents and teachers - SIS - this is normal child behaviour - YOU PIMP
Cobus Bones Meintjies 2014/03/19 11:44:05 AM
I was "ADHD". It was sorted out with the occasional caning. Today I am good.
Loretta Manwar 2014/03/19 11:47:08 AM
there's a natural way to help with kids behaviour. please try our magnesium sulphate bath salts. It has loads of helpful remedies, ADHD, improves sleep patterns, hyper-activity, insomnia, migraines, anti-inflammatory and lots more. contact me Also i am a Kinesiologist who can work on learning difficulties with children. No medication is prescribed in my field of work.
Olivia de Bruyn 2014/03/28 02:21:27 PM
Ok, I have ADD and my son ADHD and no it is not made up (oh I thought so too) would be lovely not to have a train racing in your brain every single day. It's not just about attention problems there are many other problems going hand in hand with this but what I agree with is this : DOCTORS take normal behavior and calls it ADHD or ADD. There is no such thing as ODD and CD. A child hitting his mother, being defiant etc is not a disorder. Anthony with all due respect you're an idiot. Bad parenting is not the cause of ADHD I see my 4 year old struggle daily as many others do. The 'inventor' of ADHD had a lot of valid points with the neurological side of the problem. This is not a disorder you hear one thing we hear 10 things at once and with that goes sensory problems which you've probably never heard of. I have never been addicted to anything but give your kid Ritalin and he will almost surely get addicted as it is like meth,my mom worked with these kids. I've never used drugs but have learned to tone down on things that sets of my attention problems and I am 37. Behavior is not a disorder, I never had behavior, learning or any other problems but had to focus extensively on certain tasks as my brain needs a lot of extra stimuli to keep my attention. So sorry but ADHD and ADD is real but ODD and the other crap is nonsense. If my son behaves like a supposed ODD kid there's nothing a good hiding can't help he has ADHD and Sensory problems due to complications during birth.
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