ADHD takes a toll well into adulthood

How the study was done

  • 29% of the children with ADHD still had ADHD as adults (ascertained through structured neuropsychiatric interviews).
  • 57 % of children with ADHD had at least one other psychiatric disorder as adults, as compared with 35 percent of controls. The most common were substance abuse/dependence, antisocial personality disorder, hypomanic episodes, generalized anxiety and major depression.
  • Of the children who still had ADHD as adults, 81% had at least one other psychiatric disorder, as compared with 47%  of those who no longer had ADHD and 35 % of controls.
  • Seven of the 367 children with ADHD (1.9%) had died at the time of study recruitment, three of them from suicide. Of the 4 946 children without ADHD whose outcomes could be ascertained, only 37 children had died, five by suicide.
  • 10 children with ADHD (2.7%) were incarcerated at the time of recruitment for the study.


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