Could you have adult ADHD?


Trevor David Peterson 2014/02/03 11:23:26 PM
If one reads up on the symptoms of magnesium deficiency-it seems to correlate with the disorder described above. I have read that people living in sub-Sahara Africa[even those who are of reasonable income] suffer from magnesium deficiency, as the soil is deficient thereof. I wonder if many of these disorders are in fact nutrition based, due to food processing, Genetically modified foods etc.
Jong Wat 2014/02/06 11:09:08 AM
Check. Check. Check. . . . ....and check. Seems I got a problem.
Willem Schutte 2014/02/06 01:56:16 PM
My doc wanted to give me Ritalin - but i refused... I'm starting to wonder if that was a wise move.
Scooterza 2014/02/06 03:33:02 PM
I think I might have AD...oh look at butterfly.
Dewald Smit 2014/02/06 05:40:59 PM
So true, so very true. @Trevor, do you have some links I can look at? (Am lazy atm and dont want to search for it :P )
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